In order to better serve our existing and new clients, we are implementing some changes. Please read:

LCK-9 is evolving each and every day. We designed and built our new facility, here in Science Hill, Kentucky four years ago and we were housing up to forty dogs at a time. Two years ago, we cut that number in half and we have been keeping roughly twenty to twenty-five dogs on any given day. We are now entering our last phase of the business, where we will be only housing up to twelve dogs at a time.

With this being said, we are also making these changes:

1. Our prices will be increasing due to high demand, cost of labor, quality of training increase and with more hands on time with me personally.

2. We are no longer taking on un-neutered male dogs.  This lowers the chances of any arguing with other dogs and helps with the training process such as stubbornness, and aggression. Un-spayed females are welcome, as long as they are not close to their heat cycle.

3. We are going to be charging for home visits instead of doing these for free. This will help to hold owner accountability, with proper follow through training once at home. I have to do these visits on the weekend, along with gas and wear and tear of my vehicle.

4. I still offer a free one week tune up, however; it must be within one month of your dog going home from training. Not six months to a year later. If it’s over a month there will be a fee appropriately charged.

5. We are closing on Saturdays, Sundays and most holidays.  We will only be doing the 6 week obedience classes, AKC CGC (canine good citizen), AKC STAR puppy throughout the week and taking in for the boot camp along with graduations from boot camp. We are open 10am to 3 pm, but we will be extending our hours through the week from 10am to 6pm in order to accommodate clients for drop off and pick ups.

6. Our prices will be increasing with dogs 60lbs and over. Larger dogs are more time consuming and require more physical labor.

7. With these changes, the dynamics within the business will benefit You and Your dog. Your dog will receive an even better quality of training, receive more quantity of training time, plenty of one on one attention from employees and more quality training time with me as the owner/head trainer. LCK9 loves and appreciates each and every one of our clients.

* We appreciate all of our clients here at LCK9!

** Note: We are no longer accepting checks as payment. Please be prepared to pay with cash, credit or debit card, money order or cashier’s check. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

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