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Under the advice of our veterinarians, we are now requiring the flu vaccine. Even though we have not seen any cases of the flu yet, our veterinarians have warned us it is making it’s way to the southern regions. We are an extremely proactive facility and are always adapting to the immediate health care needs of the dogs in our care. The vaccine is a two-part series that requires two shots that your dog must receive three weeks apart. We are currently requiring the first round before starting training. As soon as you schedule your dog for training, you will need to be making an appointment with your veterinarian for the first flu vaccine in order to be fully inoculated for his/her training start date. We also require the Bordatella (Kennel cough vaccine), so make sure that you have your dog inoculated for this along with the regular booster requirements. We do REQUIRE a copy of your vet records for your dog to be boarded or trained here. Even though we have always required this, some people bring their dogs without any shot records at all even after being told to do so. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR DOG INTO OUR TRAINING or BOARDING PROGRAM WITHOUT PROOF OF THESE VACCINATIONS:

  1. Canine Influenza H3N8/H3N2
  2. Rabies 
  3. Canine DHLPP
  4. Bordetella

We must have proof in writing from your Veterinary your dog(s) is current on vaccinations.



We are a facility that is very dedicated to being proactive with the health care of each dog in our care. We have two veterinarians we contract to come to our facility once a month to do an inspection and also come regularly to check on the dogs, along with examining anyone if needed. (They are also on speed dial in case of emergency.) We are extremely proactive and train our staff on the health and wellness of the dogs first and foremost. Some may think we are excessive and extremely strict on our protocols with cleaning, as well as the vaccination requirements at LCK-9TC. However, a sick dog is unable to get the training needed while here and poses a risk to other dogs. Therefore, we require all boosters, bordatella (Kennel cough) and the first round of flu vaccine for the safety of everyone’s dogs.

Even though we do everything possible to keep your dog healthy, there is always a chance that your dog could come down with a stomach bug, upper respiratory infection, kennel cough and various other illnesses. Your dog could get hurt by wrestling or playing rough with his/her peers. We cannot control every scenario any more than schools and daycares can for our children. We do everything we possibly can to keep these dogs safe! We maintain the health of each one of these dogs and even stay up through the night with them if they have a stomach bug. We care and love them as our own!

Thank you for entrusting your dog to our care! 

Dr. Burkett & his staff at Somerset Animal Hospital are wonderful support to us in our Heath & Wellness program here at LCK9TC !

The Veterinary Center of Somerset, Dr. Tim VanDerPloeg and his staff are an amazing support to our Health & Wellness program here at LCK9TC.

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