1. Six (6) Week Basic Obedience Classes ~ held at our training facility or at your home (travel fee applies)
  2. Two (2) Week Day Camp ~ dog visits our training facility from 8am to 5pm M/W/F or T/TH/F ~ at day camp dogs are given basic obedience training. Potty training is NOT included, but we can follow thru with what you are doing at home & train them to ring a bell to go outside.
  3. Three (3) Week BootCamp ~ includes basic obedience, potty training, minor behavioral modifications ~ dogs STAY here at training facility the entire time.
  4. Five (5) Week Behavioral Modification Bootcamp ~ includes basic obedience and work on severe behavior problems, aggressiveness, destruction, separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive, etc.
  5. Hearing Impaired Dogs ~ specialty training for hearing impaired dogs and their owners in sign language.

Alisa is a certified professional dog trainer. Alisa is also an authorized mentor trainer for ABC (Animal Behavior College). She enjoys mentoring others and teaching anything that her years of experience can offer. She loves teaching and guiding her clients to a better understanding of their dogs and how they think. She had a special education teacher tell her, “You honestly made me a better teacher!”. Alisa successfully teachers hearing impaired dogs in sign language along with teaching the owners how to communicate with their hearing impaired dog. She has a natural ability of communication with both dogs and their owners.