Our wonderful customers and a love for dogs are the reasons we are in business. Here are some customer comments about our business and how their dogs are doing after training and/or boarding with us. We love updates on all the dogs who have spent time with us. 


  • Excellent! She’s learned so much and I’m so grateful to you for all your hard work in training her! ♥️ *** Jenny Harden Allen, Sep 20, 2019***
  • Want to thank our awesome trainer Alisa Peterson-White with Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC for coming out today and working with Thor and helping us set up our wireless fence system. We love you to death Alisa and can never thank you enough for all you do for us here at Streetman’s Shepherds. We will always support your amazing work!! Can not wait to see how Karma does at training when we send her. Anyone looking for an awesome trainer check her out at http://lakecumberlandk9trainingcenter.com ***Streetman’s Shepherds, Sep 18, 2019***
  • Biscuit and Amberly waiting to go outside. They are so much better behaved now, but are still showing bouts of stubbornness. We are working with them daily on the good behaviors you all started. ***Crystal Collins, September 9, 2019***
  • Butter is home and so well mannered. Thanks so much!! ***Jennifer Garner Duell, August 3, 2019***
  • Everyone was super friendly and the place was immaculate . Snickers has been home 2 days and still doing everything. I’m so happy and so glad that I done it!
    Thank you ALL. **Tonya Cummins, July 2, 2019**
  • Yuzu is home! She’s pretty tired. Shiro was happy to have her sister home and they settled right back in to their normal routine. Thank you Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC for training Yuzu. We can see a huge change in her demeanor and her Obedience. She’s a lot calmer now. I’m so glad you guys loved her, and I’m so glad she was good for you all (even tho she is lazy ). Thank you so much. The work you guys do is amazing, and the results are always the best! *** Jessie Henderson, June 11, 2019***
  • We got “Thor” back Tuesday and oh my what a change…. his social and behavioral skills are wonderful. He rings a bell to go outside, he does numerous tricks, and his over all discipline is amazing… the dog isn’t the only one who learned from this great staff,,, thank you so much !! ** Ron Elliott, May 12, 2019**
  • We just got Duke back from his 3 week training. We are so pleased. We loved getting the videos and pics. I know he was well taken care of and well trained. **Ginger Eaton Downs, April 20, 2019**
  • I would recommend Alisha to anyone wanting a discipline puppy. Our puppy has been great since returning from here. **Stella Young, April 3, 2019**
  • I can’t express how grateful we are for you all! Our hands were tied with our new doodle puppy and we had two small children as well. Charlie was to the point to where we could not do anything with her. We honestly was about to give up! She did the 3 week training course, and has been home 4 days now. Wow, the change is INSANE. She’s not by any means perfect…but her behavior and adjustments since training is TREMENDOUS. Her peeing when excited has completely eliminated, she does NOT jump or nibble on the kids, she follows her commands with us, I get so proud when she rings her doorbell to go use the bathroom (the excitement you get when your kids potty for the first times ). Truly, we could not recommend a better play then Lake Cumberland.. well worth it. I would do it over again without hesitation. **Whitney Smith-Martin, March 27, 2019**
  • We picked our baby up from training this morning and all I can say is wow!  Alisa Peterson-White and Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, LLC did an amazing job with her by far the best progress I’ve seen in 3 weeks we love our training team and cannot say enough good things about them! If anyone wants more details on how you can send your dog to training send us a message or check our their page! ***Streetmans Shepherds, March 2, 2019***
  • Just spent over 45 minutes on the phone with the owner and trainer of Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center Alisa, Streetman’s Shepherds will always recommend this wonderful woman and company for all training needs because she CARES! Alisa is the type of person who calls you at 6:45pm at night because she loves what she does and she loves our Shepherds! We love Alisa and the results she has provided for the dogs we have sent to her and will continue to go to Alisa for all of our training needs. **Streetman’s Shepherds, January 21, 2019**
  • Roxy had a blast when she attended this Boot Camp. She stayed for three weeks. When she came home she was so much more calm! She quit knocking my four-year-old over and didn’t really play bite the first few days. She listens a lot better but still has trouble sometimes because she is still a puppy. We are very happy with the results of this training and would gladly recommend it to anyone looking to train their pet. The most impressive part to me is that she definitely always goes to the door when she wants to go out and has not had a single accident since she’s been home. Like I said she’s not perfect but she is still a puppy and I did not expect her to be perfect when she got home. It’s going to take a lot of work on all of our parts and I am very grateful for all the hard work do you like Cumberland K-9 Training Center team put in. Thank you all for all your hard work. It really shows! ** Ashley Deshaun Martin, June 19, 2019**
  • Our little Gizmo graduated today. He learned so much and his behavior has improved tremendously. I would recommend LC K-9 to anyone. Thank you so much for a job well done. The facility is clean and well kept. ** Karen Wilson, March 13, 2019 **
  • Alisa and her staff are AMAZING! We sent our Goldendoodle Ellie for the three week obedience and potty training, she’s been home 3 days and is a totally changed puppy! She’s doing so good with all her commands and not one accident since being home! She rings bells anytime she needs to go out and my kiddos are loving all the new tricks they taught her at training! I would definitely recommend Lake Cumberland K-9 for anyone who needs a trainer for their pup! – Kortney Jones, May 2018
  • These guys are amazing, my pup was a very hyper dog when we first brought her to Alisa and dropped her off for a 3 week boot camp. We have had Charlie home for 2 days and she is a completely different dog so far, she is minding all commands and only had one accident since being home!!! Ring bells to go out and getting better with the things we need to work on, thank you guys so much you saved our dog and now we can as actually enjoy her! If you need a dog trainer please try these guys and you won’t be disappointed. – Rachelle Davidson. May 2018
  • Rue has only been home 1 day and we can tell a huge difference! My favorite thing he learned was stay and leave it. We are so thankful for the training staff and how much they loved our fur baby while they had him. – Brianna Lynn Barnett. Mar 2018
  • These ladies did a fantastic job with Siggy, and Lily went through all the commands with me to help me keep working with her. But I am sure glad she is home as she was sorely missed! But my highest recommendation for you guys.
    Thank You! – Bill Fowler. October 2017
  • Maybe it’s a little too soon to write a review just yet b/c I haven’t even been home w/ my dog a full 24 hours yet. But I can already see such a huge difference in my dog’s behavior! She’s only had one accident in the house & I was able to correct her just as Alisa had showed me yesterday before I left to bring Nova back home. Alisa & her staff are absolute miracle workers! I cannot thank you guys enough for helping my sweet Nova. I would recommend them to anyone, I drove 2 hours one way & I wouldn’t have wanted her anywhere else. – Audreanna McClain. Sep 2017
  • Lisa and her staff are amazing! I took my rowdy 19 week old labradoodle ( Bentley) to her and In 3 weeks she’s made a huge difference in his behavior. She’s also taught him several tricks. We are continuing to work On the bell training to reinforce what he’s learned there as far as potty training. He was very consistent there! She has such a love for all the puppies and dogs she trains. Bentley told her bye and it was the sweetest thing ever. He laid on her chest and was sad to say goodbye! – Marilynn Jackson. Sep 2017
  • I was a little skeptical at first because Lincoln was only eight weeks old when we took him to puppy boot camp, but he is now fully trained and very well behaved after just three weeks with Alissa. The staff at LC K-9 were all super friendly and kept us informed on Lincoln’s progress while he was there. It was an all around great experience and I’d recommend this place to anyone! – Josh Chasteen. Sep 2017
  • Alisa and her staff are wonderful! Our peewee came home so well behaved and happy! He is a different dog now! He’s calm, and sweet, and a perfect gentleman! Thank you so much to the entire staff you have made all of our lives so much better! -Lisa Hamilton, August 2017
  • great organization…thank you all for your contribution, for our four-legged babies…awesome work you do… – Donna Baker, August 2017
  • I highly recommend for anyone to take their puppy/dog to Alisa for training and also she can do it in sign language! She done it for my German Shepherd puppy and I’m very impressed and proud of her works with my puppy! So smart and amazing!! – Briana Kysar, August 2017
  •  I can’t brag enough about Alisha and her staff she has. I’m very happy with the work she did with our German Shepard Sadie. She has laid the ground work for us to follow to make her into the dog we know she can be. What is so amazing though is she did it in Sign language for my fiancée who is deaf. She listens to her with her hands. And for that I can not say thank you enough. My 4 year old daughter can handle lher and is practicing with her and she will listen to her and when it’s potty time she will not pull her. It’s just plain awesome to watch! If you have any doubts please don’t! I would recommend this place to anyone with any dog breed! – Tony Kysar,  July 2017
  • We just picked up our two adult (1 and 4) year German Shepherds and the transformation has been amazing. Yes, they are testing us, Boomer the young one just lays down when he doesn’t want to do a command or trick, but the behavior is amazing. No more jumping or knocking into you on purpose. The playful biting has stopped. My 7 year old is able to walk with them on a leash without pulling and when we stay stop they obey and will sit. When we yell “car” they go over to the grass and sit down. We’ve even had some successful time outs or “down and stays” for getting into trash. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this has been. The training when we picked them up made us all confident even my kids that we could work with them everyday and continue their training! They were so loved while they were away and the socializing they got there was great!!! Can’t thank you all enough! – Sarah McQueen, July 2017
  • Our Lucy, a golden retriever/lab mix was completely out of control so we sent her to Alicia and her team for the 3 week boot camp. She’s been home not quite a week and her behaviors are not 100% corrected but WOW are they 95% better than they were when we dropped her off! The rest is up to us and some consistency in keeping up with what Lucy was taught. Alicia is willing to come to our house an hour away if we need her too if Lucy falls back into some of her more obnoxious habits but I’m not sure we will need her too, she sends home a pretty comprehensive corrections manual specialized just for your pet. Thank you so much Lake Cumberland K-9 for an amazing job! – Melissa Gilkerson, July 2017
  • We are so pleased with everything that the team did and so very happy with the outcome of our 19mth old GSD argo! – Kimberly Clark, June 2017
  • I just picked Sadie the boxer up yesterday. And it was exactly like I knew it would be and what I paid for. Alisa and her staff gave me the ingredients now Ill bake my own cake. Anyone that knows dogs realizes they have to be worked constantly. Lake Cumberland K9 started Sadie’s training and Ill finish it. She does exactly what she’s supposed to but still has her distractions. And anytime there was an issue with my Sadie I was contacted immediately. I’m more than pleased with Alisa and her staff. Keep up the good work!!!!! – James Collins, June 2017
  • The team here really change my Max. He is a labradoodle and was sooooooo hyper and out of control. He is doing great. I’m not convinced that I got the same dog back. That is how much his behavior has changed. I didn’t know he was such a sweetheart. He’s a big baby! Thank you!! – Angie Karen, April 2017
  • I can’t say enough good about the love that is poured into theses dogs and their owners. – Tammy Hudson Haste, March 2017
  • Just want to take a few mins. to give a update on Toby’s obedience Alicia he doing great he is spot on so far he’s even doing really good with off the leash. I just wanted to say thank you so much. So far so good let you know if I need any help you and your team is great again thank you. Now I just have to train my Mom lol lol ! – Mary Jo Perkins, March 2017
  • I thought there was no hope for Layla. She’s stubborn and hard headed. Does what she wants when she wants to do it attitude. No, not all issues were corrected 100% as that takes a lot more time then 5 weeks and a lot of work on my part, but a good portion of her bad behaviors have been corrected. We had a few issues 2-3 days after Layla came home. Alicia drove over an hour to my house to let us know what we were doing wrong. I wish I had found this place when Layla was younger, as I would have had the needed tools to have control of her before the behaviors set in. – Donna Yates, Feb 2017
  • Love this place and so did Zelda. They did such a wonderful job with her!! – Patricia Brown Pinson Freels, Feb 2017
  • I sent Bear (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and Ruby (Schnauzer) to boot camp back in the summer and must say that she is definitely the dog magician. Rhodie’s are known to be very stubborn. They also grow to be very big, so it’s important he learned how to behave. I don’t think I’ve ever seen puppies. completely housebroken that young. The only behaviors I’ve had issues with are the ones that I haven’t followed through with very well. I only wish she was closer. – Gina Crowley, January 2017
  • Picked up my GSD today and it was like I picked up a new dog! We are amazed at her behavior and how well she obeys when we tell her to do something–thanks Alisa and your entire crew for taking such great care of my baby girl the past three weeks–you all are AWESOME! ~ Kate Shively, June 2016


  • We have brought Bubba AKA Scooby-Doo home he is a new man I cannot believe how well behaved he is! I really thought he was too hardheaded to break but Alicia you did a wonderful job and also giving us instruction on how to continue to make him follow our rules. thank you so much we will be back! ~ Betty Lou Rogers, June 2016


  • I am so impressed with Alisha and he crew. It has been just over a year that you trained Lilly our rescue. She took to the training well and is such a good dog now. Still hyper as ever but well behaved. our son has Jayce with you right now and I can see from the video’s he is doing well. I have an extra whistle for him here. Probably haven’t used a whistle with Lilly for months and tried it out the other day, she came running right away. Thank You all so much.
    if anyone is looking for a very good trainer – you found it here. ~ Richard Wiggins, May 2016


  • Morgan and I can’t say say enough wonderful things about Alisa and her crew! We are SO impressed with everything Mia learned. Thank you all for taking such good care of our fur baby. ~ Sara Wolford Pence, July 2016


  • My boy Rowdy is doing great. We’ve had him home almost 4 weeks now and he’s still doing all his commands and doing great with potty training….we haven’t had an accident in a week. And he even goes in his crate to nap! ~ Amanda Coffey, April 2016


  • All I can say is that it was money well spent! I took 4 small fur babies that needed house training and obedience training. Three weeks and four days later I was able to pick my babies up. We are now four days out and I am thrilled with my decision to take them to Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center. Oh, sure they have tested me several times on things that they were taught. However, they quickly realize that I am not going to allow them to act like little animals anymore (no pun intended). My baby boy has had a couple of pee pee accidents but I have punished him exactly how Alisha advised me to do and he is like…….it is not worth it. Haha. ~ Carrin Richards Cocanougher, March 2016


  • We took our GSD Gabriel to the three week doggy boot camp. He is a different dog! He listens so well now. I can’t wait to start training with my female GSD!   ~ Petula Dobbs, August 2016


  • Alisa is wonderful. Very helpful even after you bring your baby home. I highly recommend her!   ~ Kami White Sears, February 2016


  • Lake Cumberland K9 training Center is absolutely amazing!!!! I most certainly will continue to recommend to others! My pitbull puppy Brutus was a mess and very chaotic!!! After staying with Alisa for 3 weeks, Brutus is a totally different puppy!!! It’s truly amazing really! Alisa is a awesome trainer!!! We thank all of you guys who worked with Brutus!!! Thanks again!! You all are Awesome!!!! ~ Jason & Felicia Strunk, June 2015


  • Just picked up Sabre, my German Shepard puppy, from Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, and I am beaming like a new Papa. Sabre stayed with Alisa for 3 weeks and he is doing awesome. She is an excellent trainer and an absolute asset to this community. You might find other trainers, but you will not find a better one!! As long as she trains dogs she will always have my business.  ~ Jerry Tucker, March 2014


  • Thank you friend for all you do. You are the best. Would not trust anyone but you and Art and staff.  Happy New Year. ~ Jess Martin Singer, January 2016


  • Ezra was a stray who we think had been abused. He lacked confidence and destroyed everything he came in contact with. He was an absolute wreck! We took him to Alisa for the boot camp program and he has returned home a different dog. Listening so well! He doesn’t even attempt to chew on anything. We are so proud of the dog she helped him to become! Thank you Alisa for all your hard work! You did a Great job!! ~ Kayla Wolford Ridener, February 2014


  • Alisa really is the dog whisperer. She’s not happy if you’re not happy and will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re comfortable! She treated our kids like they were her own the entire time they were there. ~ Taylor Priest, May 2015


  • My Mollie is always well taken care of and I trust Alisa and Art with her. I recommend Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center to anyone. Mollie says “woof woof” aka 2 Paws UP! ~ Dana Sue Godbey Hansford, January 2016


  • Alisa loved, cared for, and trained our Augie in her Boot Camp program. He had a wonderful visit and came home well adjusted, happy and a perfect gentleman. Thank you so much for understanding him and treating him like one of your own. He and Wixi can’t wait to come back for a visit. ~ Corrine Curtis, January 2014


  • My majorly rotten puppy came back a true friend who is laid back and sweet! Thank you!! Our personalities match now! ~ Jennifer Napier, November 2015
  • They’re all very sweet and I’m so impressed with my Dobermans behavior after being there for a few weeks! ~ Katie Myers, January 2016


We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!


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