Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.


  • Picked up my GSD today and it was like I picked up a new dog! We are amazed at her behavior and how well she obeys when we tell her to do something–thanks Alisa and your entire crew for taking such great care of my baby girl the past three weeks–you all are AWESOME! ~ Kate Shively, June 2016


  • We have brought Bubba AKA Scooby-Doo home he is a new man I cannot believe how well behaved he is! I really thought he was too hardheaded to break but Alicia you did a wonderful job and also giving us instruction on how to continue to make him follow our rules. thank you so much we will be back! ~ Betty Lou Rogers, June 2016


  • I am so impressed with Alisha and he crew. It has been just over a year that you trained Lilly our rescue. She took to the training well and is such a good dog now. Still hyper as ever but well behaved. our son has Jayce with you right now and I can see from the video’s he is doing well. I have an extra whistle for him here. Probably haven’t used a whistle with Lilly for months and tried it out the other day, she came running right away. Thank You all so much.
    if anyone is looking for a very good trainer – you found it here. ~ Richard Wiggins, May 2016


  • Morgan and I can’t say say enough wonderful things about Alisa and her crew! We are SO impressed with everything Mia learned. Thank you all for taking such good care of our fur baby. ~ Sara Wolford Pence, July 2016


  • My boy Rowdy is doing great. We’ve had him home almost 4 weeks now and he’s still doing all his commands and doing great with potty training….we haven’t had an accident in a week. And he even goes in his crate to nap! ~ Amanda Coffey, April 2016


  • All I can say is that it was money well spent! I took 4 small fur babies that needed house training and obedience training. Three weeks and four days later I was able to pick my babies up. We are now four days out and I am thrilled with my decision to take them to Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center. Oh, sure they have tested me several times on things that they were taught. However, they quickly realize that I am not going to allow them to act like little animals anymore (no pun intended). My baby boy has had a couple of pee pee accidents but I have punished him exactly how Alisha advised me to do and he is like…….it is not worth it. Haha. ~ Carrin Richards Cocanougher, March 2016


  • We took our GSD Gabriel to the three week doggy boot camp. He is a different dog! He listens so well now. I can’t wait to start training with my female GSD! ❤️  ~ Petula Dobbs, August 2016


  • Alisa is wonderful. Very helpful even after you bring your baby home. I highly recommend her! ❤️  ~ Kami White Sears, February 2016


  • Lake Cumberland K9 training Center is absolutely amazing!!!! I most certainly will continue to recommend to others! My pitbull puppy Brutus was a mess and very chaotic!!! After staying with Alisa for 3 weeks, Brutus is a totally different puppy!!! It’s truly amazing really! Alisa is a awesome trainer!!! We thank all of you guys who worked with Brutus!!! Thanks again!! You all are Awesome!!!! ~ Jason & Felicia Strunk, June 2015


  • Just picked up Sabre, my German Shepard puppy, from Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center, and I am beaming like a new Papa. Sabre stayed with Alisa for 3 weeks and he is doing awesome. She is an excellent trainer and an absolute asset to this community. You might find other trainers, but you will not find a better one!! As long as she trains dogs she will always have my business.  ~ Jerry Tucker, March 2014


  • Thank you friend for all you do. You are the best. Would not trust anyone but you and Art and staff.  Happy New Year. ~ Jess Martin Singer, January 2016


  • Ezra was a stray who we think had been abused. He lacked confidence and destroyed everything he came in contact with. He was an absolute wreck! We took him to Alisa for the boot camp program and he has returned home a different dog. Listening so well! He doesn’t even attempt to chew on anything. We are so proud of the dog she helped him to become! Thank you Alisa for all your hard work! You did a Great job!! ~ Kayla Wolford Ridener, February 2014


  • Alisa really is the dog whisperer. She’s not happy if you’re not happy and will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re comfortable! She treated our kids like they were her own the entire time they were there. ~ Taylor Priest, May 2015


  • My Mollie is always well taken care of and I trust Alisa and Art with her. I recommend Lake Cumberland K-9 Training Center to anyone. Mollie says “woof woof” aka 2 Paws UP! ~ Dana Sue Godbey Hansford, January 2016


  • Alisa loved, cared for, and trained our Augie in her Boot Camp program. He had a wonderful visit and came home well adjusted, happy and a perfect gentleman. Thank you so much for understanding him and treating him like one of your own. He and Wixi can’t wait to come back for a visit. ~ Corrine Curtis, January 2014


  • My majorly rotten puppy came back a true friend who is laid back and sweet! Thank you!! Our personalities match now! ~ Jennifer Napier, November 2015
  • They’re all very sweet and I’m so impressed with my Dobermans behavior after being there for a few weeks! ~ Katie Myers, January 2016


We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!